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Sunni Pindi / Nalagu Pindi | Herbal Bath Powder for Babies

Sunni Pindi / Nalagu Pindi | Herbal Bath Powder for Babies
Sunni Pindi / Nalagu Pindi is a herbal bath powder for babies. It gives freshness, increases body colour, removes unwanted body hair in babies. It can be used by adults also.
I have captured this in a shop in Chennai and this post is not an sponsor post or advertisement.
Shops in Chennai where Country drugs / Naatu Marundu are sold.
Sunni Pindi / Nalagu Pindi | Herbal Bath Powder for Babies
Preparation Time: 2 days (1 day includes for drying)
Yields : 2kg

Benefits of Individual ingredients
1.       Vetiver
The uses of vetiver in aromatherapy center on its calming, centering, relaxing effect, which has been exploited in India for thousands of years. Vetiver is known as "oil of tranquility", due to its psychological effect in eliminating anxiety and soothing insomnia and depression
2.       Green gram Dhal - 1.5 kg
Makes the skin very smooth.
3.       Kasturi Turmeric - 300 grams
This is used instead of plain turmeric because this does not give the yellowish color on your skin. This helps in preventing unwanted hair growth.
Turmeric acts as a antiseptic as well
4.       Camphor - 1 teaspoons or lesser
This is a is a waxy, white or transparent solid with a strong, aromatic odor.
This is used to make this powder stay for a long time (This avoids insects to be formed in the powder)
5.       Rice -100gms
This gives an additional texture to the skin and cleans the pores in the skin.
Ingredients (Refer Video)
Vetiver - Take a bunch
Green gram Dhal - 1.5 kg
Kasturi Turmeric - 300 grams
Camphor - 1 teaspoon
Spikedd giger - 100 grams
Babchi Seeds -200grams
Rice -100gms

1.       To begin making the ‘Sunni Pindi | Nalagu Pindi | Herbal Bath Powder’, Dry all the above ingredients in hot sun.
2.       Grind to make it as a refined powder. Make sure to grind in places where they specialize in making bath and other herbal powders. I have captured some places in Chennai where they specialize this. Refer Video
3.       Once you grind it cool it down for a while and store it in air tight container.
4.       The proportion can vary according to our wish, but make sure the green gram and kasturi turmeric needs to be more.

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