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Pidi Karunai Masiyal | Yam Masiyal

Pidi Karunai Masiyal
Pidi karunai Masiyal
The bark-like skin of yam is definitely not an aesthetically appealing food. However it has a myriad of health benefits. Today's recipe "Pidi Karunai Masiyal" is with a yam variety which is often overlooked primarily for its skin and the mild bleach smell which comes while cooking.
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There are various reasons why yam is ignored by many of us. In the first place, this yam does not look fresh, hence our mind set makes us think that it does not taste good. Secondly the itchy nature of the yam would refrain us from trying recipes with it. Itchiness is due to the calcium oxide crystals present in yam which is used to naturally preserve the starch content in yam. "Pidi Karunai Masiyal" steps given in my video removes the itchy nature of the vegetable completely. The best way to overcome is to follow the below tips:
Tips to remove itchiness in yam
1.       Soak the yam in water for a minimum of 30 minutes and add tamarind to the recipe.
 If it is too itchy, soak the yam in tamarind water for a minimum of 30 minutes rather than plain water. In this case you need to discard the tamarind water as the dirt in the yam will be present in the tamarind water.
2.       For pidi karunai, pressure cook (half-cook) with enough water and turmeric. Add tamarind water to the recipe.

Pidi Karunai Masiyal

Health benefits of Pidi Karunai (Yam)
1.       Controls constipation
2.       Controls piles problem.
3.       Helps in digestion.
4.       Reduces body heat
Soaking Time :  30 minutes
Cooking Time : 30 minutes
Cooling Time : 20 minutes
Gas : Low Flame
Yields : 1 Cup

Ingredients (Refer Video)
Pidi Karunai (Yam)- 5
Water – As needed to soak the yam
Turmeric – 1.5 tsp
Oil – 2 tsp
Hing Powder – Generous pinch
Mustard – ½ tsp
Urad Dhal – ½ tsp
Channa Dhal – ½ tsp
Finely Chopped Green Chili – 1 tsp
Finely Chopped Ginger – 1 tsp
Tamarind – 1 lemon size
Water for Tamarind Pulp – 1 cup
Curry Leaves - Few
Salt – As needed
Water for Tamarind Pulp – 1 cup

1.       To begin making the Pidi karunai Masiyal, soak the yam in the water for a minimum of 30 minutes. This would help to remove the itchy sensation which is due to calcium oxide crystals present in the yam. Refer to the other methods mentioned above in my post if required.
2.       In parallel, soak tamarind in 1 cup of water.
3.       In the pressure cooker, place the pidi karunai (yam) by adding enough water to cover it. Add ½ tsp turmeric. Pressure cook upto 3 whistles.
4.       Wait until the pressure is released and peel the skin of the pidi karunai (yam)
5.       Mash the pidi karunai (yam) without any lumps and set aside.
6.       Dilute the tamarind in water and set aside.
7.       Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel, add a generous pinch of hing. Once the hing is fried, add mustard seeds and as they splutter add urad dhal, channa dhal , green chili & ginger. Sauté until the green chili and ginger are cooked.
8.       Add the tamarind pulp, curry leaves and 1 tsp of turmeric powder. Bring this to boil and cook until the rawness of the tamarind disappears.
9.       Combine mashed pidi karunai with the tamrind and cook until the recipes becomes into a thick consistency.
10.   Serve hot with white rice.

Pidi Karunai Masiyal
1.       The time required to soak the yam in plain water can be increased. Make sure to remove the dirt before pressure cook.

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 200 ml

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