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Diabetic Friendly Lunch Idea 1 - With Recipe Link

I got a couple of request to start diabetic friendly lunch ideas. This is my first post on diabetic friendly lunch ideas which can be consumed by any normal person also. This lunch menu includes, plain cooked black rice, sundakkai(Turkey Berries) sambar, wheat grass rasam, tindora fry, murunga keerai (Moringa Leaves)poriyal, sutta appalam & banana stem buttermilk. You can find individual links inside.

Individual Links
Sundaikkai & Methi leaves sambar
Black Rice Pulihora - Check the steps to cook black rice in electric cooker.
Wheatgrass rasam
Murunga Keerai Poriyal
Vaazaithandu Neer More

Not in Recipe list
Tindora Fry  - Recipe coming soon , but it is simple fry
Sutta appalam

This is how I prepared this lunch menu. I have 3 burner stove hence can make in parallel.

1. Since I cooked black rice in rice cooker, the rice need not be soaked but it would take time to cook. First put the rice in the rice cooker.
2. Soak dhal for 1 hour (Sambar). Soak tamarind for sambar and rasam. Cut all the vegetables in parallel.
3. Make the wheatgrass juice.
4. In Parallel keep dhal and wheatgrass rasam in 2 stoves.
5. While point 4 above is cooking, cook the simple tindora fry.
4. Make the banana stem butter milk.
5. By this time, rasam and tindora fry must be finished and Dhal would have cooked.
6. Mash the dhal and cook sambar.
7. In parallel with sambar, cook murunga keerai curry.
8. Just before serving make sutta appalam.

For Non - diabetic, black rice can be replaced with white rice.
For diabetic black rice can be replaced with brown or red rice.

Enjoy this healthy lunch.

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