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Weetbix Halwa

Weetbix Halwa
Weetbix Halwa
This Diwali I wanted to post few quick, easy and halwa’s with healthy ingredients. In continuation of my 5 minutes Oats Milk halwa, here comes my next halwa which is “Weetbix Halwa” and it can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. For this recipe, WeetBix is roasted in ghee and cooked along with almonds,saffron & palm sugar.
Weetbix halwa is something which I prepare very often at my home during festivals which fall on a working day. I was initially hesitant to post this halwa using weet bix as I was not sure about its availability in different parts of the world. Later I found that they are almost available in all places. If you are in India you may refer to this amazon link with varied varieties of weetbix . If you are in Singapore, this is available in many super markets.
Disclaimer : This is not an advertisement , I just wanted to share the availability of ingredients used in this recipe. There is no sponsors involved in this post.
WeetBix Halwa
The measurements given in this halwa is for 4 pieces of weet-bix. Each piece is 15gms.The timings and other measurements would change based on the amount of weetbix we use. I had used palm sugar as they are healthier than refined sugar. This makes the dish completely guilt free too. The measurements of ghee are the most minimal one required for this halwa and you may wish to increase if you wish to do so.
If you do not have time to soak the nuts, do not use almonds as it is a must to peel them and it needs to be soaked for 2 hours. You may also use the readymade almond milk instead of grinding the nuts to a nice paste. In that case, use 1 ½ cup of almond milk and use only ½ a cup of water.
The pictures you are seeing in this post are taken at different intervals. The first picture is after it cool down. A layer would be formed (similar to milk) and hence you can see a smooth texture on top. The second picture is after few hours I mixed the halwa to show the coarse texture. This is the final texture of the halwa.
WeetBix Halwa

Refer to my oats halwa recipe which is another quick and healthy halwa.

WeetBix Halwa

Soak Time – 2hrs (if almonds are used)| Microwave Time : 4 mins

Preparation Time: 5 mins |Yields – 1.5 cups(approx.) | Equipment : Blender, Microwave

                  Weet Bix – 4pieces (Each 15gms)
                  Palm Sugar – 1/2 cup
Almonds/Cashew/Pista – 1/3 cup
Cardamom Powder – ¼ tsp
Ghee – 4 tsp
Water – 1.5 cups
Saffron - Pinch
1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml

1.       If you are using almonds, soak for 2 hours else this step can be ignored.
2.       Remove the skin from almonds.

3.       Blend the nuts with saffron and less than ½ a cup of water. Blend to a nice paste.

4.       Take a microwave safe bowl and brush it with ghee.

5.       Crush the weetbix separately with hands.
6.       Add a teaspoon on ghee and mix well.
7.       Microwave for 30 seconds. Take out and mix well.

8.       Microwave for another 30 seconds. By this time you would get a nice aroma. If you are not getting then take out , mix well and keep 30 seconds again.  Do not keep beyond 1 ½ minutes. The color does not change much.

9.       Add the nuts-saffron mix , remaining water,palm sugar and cardamom with this weet bix. Mix well. The water gets absorbed fast but do not worry.

10.   Add 1 tsp ghee on top.

11.   Microwave for a total of 4 minutes. Take out every 2 minutes and mix well. Adjust the sugar taste, (if you want to do so) during these intervals.
12.   After 4 minutes take out and add a teaspoon of ghee. The halwa would become thick by itself in 5 minutes time for the heat it has.
WeetBix Halwa

Serve either hot, warm or cold. The consistency would remain the same.


è Ghee measurements given are the minimum. Do not reduce it. However you may wish to increase if you want to do so.

è Nuts can be of any choice.

è  I have not tried gas top weetbix halwa as this was very simple and faster.

è WeetBix comes with various flavor. Choose the plain one which has nothing but just wheat

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