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Leftover Murukku Chaat

Leftover Murukku Chaat
Leftover Murukku Chaat
Diwali is over and we will be left out with lots of varieties of snacks and sweets in very small quantities. Mostly they are homemade or received from friends. We would have surely few pieces in the varieties left. When it comes to murukku, the broken pieces are always ignored while tasting. Try this yummy,filling and drooling “Leftover Murukku Chaat” with murukku's, left over savories, green & dates chutney and chat masala’s.

After Diwali, I am sure in many houses every meal/tiffin would have murukku and other snacks in it. Its mainly because of excess of snacks left out. These snacks would have been prepared 3 or 4 days before the festival and must be finished within 2 or 3 days after the festival. Rather than serving them for every meal, its best to try some varieties out of it. Hence I do this chat every year.

This year I made all sweets and snacks in very small quantities. Particularly the sweets, as none of my family members are interested in sweets. Though I could not think of a dish with leftover sweets this year, I had enough amount of snacks left over. I didn’t want to keep them because working day starts all of them in my home gets busy and snacks are ignored . Finally I will land up eating all of them to avoid wasting them. Hence I made this chat as usual , so that the left overs are shared by all in a different way.
Leftover Murukku Chaat
You may include any savories of your choice, but the best one is with murukku’s. They blend so well with the green chutney and dates chutney. You can alter the quantity of chutney’s, chat masala and chili powder. I have not tried adding curd, so I am not sure how it would taste.
Once the chat is prepared, serve within 10 minutes else the murukku would get too soggy due to the water content in chutney. Best is to mix and serve immediately like any other chat.

Leftover Murukku Chaat

Leftover Murukku Chaat

Preparation Time: 5 mins (If all ingredients are ready)

Ingredients per serving
Broken Murukku pieces - few
Bhakar Bhadi (Optional Additional snack) – 4 pieces
Aloo Bhujiya - few
Green Chutney – ½ tblsp
Chili Powder  - ½ tsp
Chat Masala – ½ tsp
Finely chopped onion – 1 tblsp
Boiled Potato Pieces – 4-5 pieces
Coriander few

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml
Leftover Murukku Chaat
1.       Arrange the ingredients.  Chop onions, coriander. Boil and cut potatoes.

2.       Add in a bowl, in the following order: Broken murukku, Bhakar Badi , any other optional savory snack, green chutney, dates & chutney, chili powder, chat masala. 

3.       Mix well.
4.       Sprinkle with onion, aloo bhujia and coriander leaves.

Broken Murukku Chat is ready.
Leftover Murukku Chaat

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