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Filter Coffee Choco Peda

Filter Coffee Choco Peda
Tomorrow is Diwali and I wanted to make a sweet with coffee. I have so many coffee loving friends and I thought I must give this as a part of my Diwali sweets. “Filter Coffee Choco Peda” is a quick and easy microwave peda made out of milk powder, condensed milk, first degree filter coffee decoction, Cocoa powder. This is like any other regular microwave peda but with coffee dominating the taste.

I just took the microwave peda preparation from youtube. I referred to few videos and tried the steps mentioned in the post. Since the dish is dominated with coffee flavor, I mixed 2 varieties of coffee powder (MogaNad & Corona) with 50% each.  
You may use any regular degree coffee but make sure you are using the first degree filter coffee decoction only.. The second and third degree does not give the actual taste. Prefer to choose a coffee which has full body, citrus acidity the brew has floral aroma & malt like overtone. You can mix up with black coffee powder too. The best choice is to make 50 - 50 of malt and black coffee based coffee powders. However if you do not have these flavors, just go with your regular filter coffee. Its simply amazing with any filter coffee variety.

The coffee powder is sponsored by “Deccan Coffee“ and they are available online. I have provided the details below.

Some details about the coffee flavor as extracted from the company website:
A certified Rain Forest grown & UTZ alliance coffee from Moganad estate, Shevaroy Hills. The estate is ( believe us or not ) in the midst of an actual rain forest. Bio organic farmed, the control with which the coffee is grown mirrors in the cup when brewed. Balanced and clean, its going to be a field day for all black coffee lover.
Our rendition of the sun when it comes to coffee. This offering is a Honey Processed Arabica which will definitely brighten your day. With full body, citrus acidity the brew has floral aroma & malt like overtone. The dark medium roast is suitable for espresso devotees and goes amazingly well with a dash of milk.
Mix of these two flavors were perfect for "Filter Coffee Choco Peda"

 Product sponsor
Deccan Coffee
Product Availability Online:
Coming soon in Amazon India.
Disclaimer: The product is sponsored by Deccan Coffee however the opinion and recipe are based on my personal experience.
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Filter Coffee Choco Peda

Coffee Decoction Time: 15 mins | Microwave Cooking Time: 5 mins | Preparation Time: 10 mins

Cooling time : 6 – 8 mins | Moulding Time : 10 mins | |Yields – 12 pedas

Filter coffee Powder – 5 tblsp
Water for filter coffee – 75 ml
Water – 30 ml
Cocoa Powder – 1 tblsp
Milk Powder – 1 cup
Condensed Milk – ½ cup
Ghee – 5 tblsp + as need to rub in palms
Roasted Almonds - 12

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml

1.       Prepare the coffee decoction by adding 5 tblsp of coffee powder in a coffee filter. Press the powder and add hot water. Let it brew. It would take around 15 minutes roughly.

2.       Take a microwave safe bowl, add 4 tblsp ghee, milk powder and condensed milk.
3.       Mix well without any dry powder.
4.       Microwave for 1 minute. Take out and mix well.
5.       Add cocoa powder, 1 tblsp 1st degree filter coffee decoction and 30 ml of water.

6.       Microwave for 1 minute. When you take out, it would have doubled up. Stir and mix well. Check the taste. Add coffee decoction if you want it to be stronger. Mine was just perfect hence I did not add.

7.       Reheat again for 2 more times. Take out at 1 minute intervals and stir well. The peda mix will come up every time but it will not be double like the first time.
End of 2nd minute

End of 3rd Minute

8.       At the end of 4th minute, take out and add 1 tblsp of ghee and mix well.
9.       Microwave for 1 more minute and take out. This time the peda mix will not come out. Instead it would still be soft. Mix well and allow it to cool to a temperature which you can handle to make peda’s. Roughly 6 to 10 minutes based on how you can handle.
10.   Apply ghee in your palms and roll like a peda.
11.   You may stuff with mixed nuts or almonds.

Choco coffee peda is ready.


è End of 2 minutes is the right time to check the taste and adjust.

è Do not microwave when you find it hard to stir and mix. (Eg: after 4 minutes if you find hard to stir do not microwave more).

è Microwave time varies based on quantity.

è Filter coffee is the best. I had tried instant coffee, they get thickened very faster and becomes harder to roll. May be I skipped to add more water.

è For best taste use only first degree filter coffee.

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