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Vanilla Fruit Sauce Ice Pops

Vanilla Fruit Sauce Ice Pops
Vanilla Fruit Sauce Ice Pops
In continuation of my left over series for recipes cooked during festivals here comes my second recipe with left over fruits. While the fruit sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for a week, the ice pops can be stored for a month. The taste is similar to panchamritham ice cream which we used to eat during the childhood days.
At first I never had the idea to make this but since we had too much of fruits left out I decided to freeze them this way. It was very soon finished by all of us at home. I remembered the panchamritham ice pops which were sold in our streets during my childhood. We used to literally wait for that ice pop's vendor who comes in the afternoon with a unique horn sound. We were allowed to buy only during summer holiday's and not pampered with it the whole year. The current generation definitely misses thosefun!!! In Singapore the same horn sound is used for collecting old paper's and whenever I hear them lots of memories flow in my mind :)

Vanilla Fruit Sauce Ice Pops

The fruit sauce can be stored either in icepops covers or kulfi moulds. Though these can be preserved for a month they just vanish very fast as they are in icecream form. The quantity of fruit sauce used in ice pop’s mould is high against consuming them directly, so it gets finished faster.

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Fruit Sauce Ice Pops | Leftover Seris
Recipe Cusine – Fusion | Preparation Time – 10 mins
 Freezing time: 10 min

Zipcile Ice pop covers / Kulfi cups - 5

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml

Vanilla Fruit Sauce Ice Pops
1.       Prepare the fruit sauce as per the link.
If you are unable to click on the link select this url :

2.       Take ice pop’s covers or kulfi cups and pour this mix into it.
      Keep them in freezer for 8 hours

3.       Take out and keep it for 2 mins before consuming.
Vanilla Fruit Sauce Ice Pops

Vanilla Fruit Sauce Ice Pops

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