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Black Rice Spaghetti with Ladies Finger & Basil

Black Rice Spaghetti with Ladies Finger & Basil
Spaghetti’s and pasta’s have never been there during my childhood as we never used to get them in shop’s during the 1980’s. But now this has become a part of our regular meal. Today I tried Black Rice spaghetti with ladies finger and basil leaves and they turned out to be real yum.

Generally all my dishes are cooked for a minimum of  2 times before I start making them for the blog. But since the black rice spaghetti was a sponsored one from Urmatt & Dragon Fly Ltd, I was not sure how to try and publish. Then I thought I must divide the same packet into 3 parts so that I am confident before publishing. Hence this recipe is perfect for 1 person to consume.
You may multiply based on the needs. Moreover it is good to cook and serve immediately.

With the increase in diabetes among people it is good to move towards healthy ingredients. Black rice is high in antioxidents and fiber. It is good for diabetes and hence this dish can be consumed guilt free by those who wants there sugar under control. When we had for dinner the spaghetti was very light and filling. Adding them with ladies finger made the dish double yummy. You may replace this with any other spaghetti .I have done this recipe with my regular duram wheat spaghetti’s earlier. Parmesan cheese is totally optional hence for vegans and weight watches it can be ignored.

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Disclaimer: The product is sponsored by Urmatt Ltd however the opinion and recipe are based on my personal experience. This is not an advertisement.

Blackrice & Ladies Finger Spaghetti

Preparation Time – 10 mins | Cooking time : 20 mins

 Yields – 1 cup – 1 person | Gas Low

Blackrice Spaghetti – 75 gms
Ladies Finger - 12
Basil leaves – small bunch
Dry red chili - 1
Garlic – 3 cloves
Salt to taste
Oil – 2 tsp
Parmesan Cheese – 1 tblsp or as needed
1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml

Black Rice Spaghetti with Ladies Finger & Basil

1.       Cook the spaghetti as per the package instructions. The timings vary based on the thickness of the spaghetti. I added salt and a drop oil while cooking.
2.       Once cooked, strain and show it under running water.
3.       Chop the ladies finger into small pieces. Cut the chili into small pieces.

4.       Take a pan add oil, garlic and fry for a min.
5.       Add dry red chili and fry for 2 minutes.

6.       Add ladies finger and cook until they are fried nicely. Keep mixing.

7.    Transfer the spaghetti and mix well.
8.          Add basil towards the end and cook for just a minute.
9.       Add parmesan cheese and serve immediately.

Black Rice Spaghetti with Ladies Finger & Basil

Black rice spaghetti can be replaced with any regular spaghetti
Time for cooking spaghetti varies based on the size, quantity and the ingredient used.

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