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Aubergine & Cranberry Beans Dip

Aubergine & Cranberry Beans Dip
For the last few days it is cloudy and rainy in Singapore. As usual we land up in having some good snacks for tea time. Since I am more in favor of baked snacks rather than deep fried we tried the DIP Food’s Baked Pita Chips with Aubergine & Cranberry beans dip. It’s an easy dip where Roasted & smoky Aubergine, cranberry beans, parsley , roasted sesame seeds, salt & lemon juice are blended together.

Aubergine & Cranberry Beans Dip

If you are an Aubergine/ Brinjal lover you would surely like it. The smoky smell of Aubergine dominates the taste and to add a slight tanginess we will add few lemon juice drops. Cranberry beans is added so that the dish gets some protein added. You may replace cranberry beans with rajma (Kidney beans) if you do not have them. Adding sesame seeds enhances the tastes. Ideal to go with Pita Chips & Pita Bread.

We used DIP Food's Pita chips and I was so satisfied primarily because its a baked one and the masalas like fenugreek,ajwai,cumin & rest of the spices where added in perfect proportion.  Aubergine & Cranberry Beans dip was a perfect combination. 
Aubergine & Cranberry Beans Dip
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Disclaimer: The product is sponsored by DIP Foods however the opinion and recipe are based on my personal experience.

Aubergine & Cranberry Beans Dip
Aubergine & Cranberry beans Dip
Preparation Time – 10 mins | Cooking Time – 8 mins
Cooling time : 10 mins
DIP Foods Pita Chips – 1 box
Aubergine -1
Boiled Craneberry Beans – ¼ cup
Parsley -1 small bunch
Roasted Sesame Seeds – ¼ tsp
Lemon juice – 1 tblsp
Salt to taste
Oil few drops
1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml
Aubergine & Cranberry Beans Dip
1.       Wash the aubergine and rub oil.
2.       Roasted it directly under the flame and allow it to cool.
3.       Soak cranberry beans for 6 hours. The quantity doubles up.

4.       Boil them in a pressure cooker .
5.       Take only 1/4th cup measurement of the boiled beans. If there is anything extra you may use it similar to butter beans or Rajma.
6.       Roast the dry sesame seeds.
7.       Remove the skin of the aubergine and chop roughly.

8.       Take a mixie add aubergine, boiled beans,parsley,sesame seeds, salt & lemon juice.

9.       Blend well and adjust the salt and lemon if required.

10.   Serve it with Pita Chips.

Aubergine & Cranberry Beans Dip

The quantity of cranberry beans doubles up from the time of soaking. Since the quantity needed is less you may soak only 1 tblsp and steam.

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