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Paprika infused Red Rice Pasta

Paprika infused Red Rice Pasta

Preparing my Kid’s school lunch box is a bit interesting stuff for me as she needs a variety of food every day. Kid’s expect some color’s, cheesy and most importantly tasty. Red rice pasta with vegetables is one such dish I prepared recently and she liked it a lot. In fact she was showing the variety of color’s to her friends in this dish. Naturally red color paparika is infused in red rice pasta and cooked along with garlic, capsicum, cauliflower and finally garnished with Dill Leaves and Parmesan cheese gives this yummy and garlicky paprika infused red rice pasta

Paprika infused Red Rice Pasta
Red rice has better nutritional benefits than white rice. They have a good source of fiber and helps to meet the iron required for an individual. It helps in weight management which indirectly helps in controlling the sugar levels. I included capsicum and cauliflower for the vegetables part in this recipe.

The pasta is infused with paprika or roasted tomato powder for the taste and rich natural color. If you are using a white pasta instead of red rice include double the quantity of what I mentioned. I have not added pepper as my kid do not want the spice and prefers it to be cheesy and was lazy to do separately for adults ;). You may add it while adding the garlic powder step.
Overall the pasta was very filling, light and tastier.
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Disclaimer: The product is sponsored by Urmatt Ltd however the opinion and recipe are based on my personal experience.

Paprika infused Red Rice Pasta
Recipe Cusine – International | Preparation Time: 10 min
Cooking Time : 20 mins | Serves : 3  | Gas : Medium

Red Rice Pasta– 200gms
Cauliflower – 75 gms
Capsicum – 75 gms
Garlic – 4 big cloves
Garlic Powder – 2 tsp
Dill Leaves – a small bunch
Salt  - to taste
Dry Red chili – 1
Pepper – 1 tsp (Optional)
Parmesan cheese – 1/3 cup
Paprika powder – 1 tblsp
Olive Oil – 1.5 tblsp
1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml


1.       Cut the capsicum into small cubes, separate the cauliflower florets.
2.       Chop garlic and Dill Leaves finely.

3.       Cut the dry red chili into small pieces.
4.       Cook the red rice pasta as per the instructions given. Boil the water, add a tsp of oil and salt.
5.       When the water is boiling, add the pasta and let it cook.
6.       Once cooked strain using a strainer and pour running water. Pasta is now ready for cooking.

7.       Add paprika powder and 1 tsp of oil to spaghetti and let it marinate until the vegetables are cooked.

8.       Take a pan, add oil, garlic and cut dried chili and sauté well.

9.       Add capsicum and cook for 2 minutes.

10.   Add Cauliflower, salt and mix well. Let this cook.

11.   Once the vegetables are cooked add the spaghetti and mix well.
12.   Add garlic powder and cook for a minute.

13.   Switch off the gas and immediately add Dill leaves.

14.   Before serving sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Paprika infused Red Rice Pasta

Adding pepper is optional.

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