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Soup Stock

Soup Stock

Weekends are always busy for many of us apart from weekly grocery shopping and kid’s enrichment activities we also need to do some minimal cooking or food preparations which would help our weekdays to go smoother. One such recipe which I make every weekend is the soup stock. It helps my dinner preparation easy on the days we have soup as our main dinner.Celery, carrots, potato, onion boiled along with bay leaves, salt for 45 minutes and finally cooled and strained gives this soup stock

I generally prepare tamarind pulp, soup stock, basil infused oil and curry masala powder on the weekends to name a few. Saturday’s I sit down and prepare the complete menu for the week. This might sound time consuming but once the time table is prepared there is no wastage of vegetables as we know what we need to buy for the week. It also saves my time every day on thinking what to cook for that day and since I know what I need to cook upfront I can prepare some of these dishes which can be stored for a week. Once you are used this routine you will never stop this routine. Of course this plan works out only in places where there are no sudden visitors or no visitors in the first place J
Coming back to the recipe, you may wish to choose any vegetables except those which are sticky ones like ladies finger which changes the taste and texture of the soup. Adding salt is your choice as I felt there is no difference as long as you adjust it in your final dish. I will be publishing some of the soup recipes using this stock in the upcoming weeks.
Soup Stock
Recipe Cusine – International |Preparation Time : 8 mins
  Cooking Time: 45 mins | Yields : 2 liters

Celery Sticks – 2
Carrots – 2
Potato - 1
Onion – 1
Bay leaf – 2
Salt – to taste
Water – 2 liters

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 237 ml

1.       Chop all the vegetables into big chunks.

2.       Take a big pot add water.

3.       Add bay leaves and all the vegetables in any order.

4.       Add salt

5.       Boil for 45 minutes. Keep stirring at intervals.

6.       If you want to use it immediately, you may strain when it is hot and start using for your soups.

7.       If you are going to preserve for a week allow it to cool, strain and store them in a bottle and refrigerate them.

Soup stock is ready.

You may use any vegetables of your choice except ladies finger as it becomes sticky.
Do not add too much salt. While using the stock for the actual soup you must adjust the salt according to your taste.

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