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Chocolate Vannila Agar Agar

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Ice-creams are all time favorite for any kid. However we restrict many times with a fear that they would catch cough/colds particularly before we travel or exams. When it comes to parties we are much more hesitant to prepare as all kids cannot take cold items. Dishes with agar agar is a good alternative in such cases. It is a seaweed extract and a vegan substitute for gelatin. The good part is the dish gets set in room temperature and becomes guilt free for us to prepare.

We get this in two forms – powder & strips. This post is using the powder. The measurement for this to set properly – 320ml water for 10gms of powder or 320ml water for 8gms of strips. A little variation in the measurement is still fine. In India we get it in the name “China Grass”.
Here goes the recipe.

Chocolate Vanilla Agar Agar
Recipe Cuisine : International | Cooking time :15 mins
Setting Time : 30 mins
Yields : 5 cups of 30 ml | Gas : Low Flame

For the chocolate
Choclate milk – 60ml
Honey – 1 tsp
Water-100 ml
Agar agar – 4gms

For the vannila
Plain milk – 30ml
Honey – 1/2 tsp
Water-50 ml
Vannila Essence – 2-3 drops
Agar agar – 2gms

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 250 ml
For the chocolate
       1.       Take pan and add water.

2.       When the bubbles start to come in the water add the agar agar powder.

3.       Let it completely dissolve. Switch of the gas.

4.       Immediately Add honey and chocolate milk.

5.       Let it rest in the pan for 2 mins.

6.       Take molds of your choice and pour them.

7.       You may leave it outside for 30 mins or keep them in refrigerator. Timings varies based on the amount and thickness of the content.

8.       Make sure the bubbles are removed before cooling down.
For the vanilla
9.       Once the chocolate is set completely start with vanilla. Repeat the same steps, follow the measurements for Vanilla milk

10.   Pour it on top of chocolate milk. Let it set completely.

Remove the bubbles

Chocolate Vannila Agar Agar is ready to be served chilled or in room temperature.


  • Adding sugar or honey is a must as we are diluting with water.
  • Cooking with the agar agar strips will take slightly more time. Make sure it is dissolved completely.
  • Adjust the amount of sugar if you need it more sweeter.
  • Make any of your regular chocolate drink.
Disclaimer : The toys featured in this post are solely for photograph purpose and not for any advertisements.

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