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Adai or Dosa | Pulses,Millets,Black & Red Rice

Adai is one of my favorite dish, however not all of us at home like adai. Hence I came up with a mix of ingredients which can serve as adai and when diluted with water can serve as crispy dosa. I had included the black rice or kavuni arisi which is high in antioxidents and effectively reduces the cholesterol levels. The adai has equal proportions of millets,pulses,chana dhal,red rice and black rice and it turns out to be a very healthy dish.

Adai or Dosa

Recipe Cuisine: Indian|  Recipe Category: Dinner/Tiffin

Soak Time: 6 to 8 hrs | Grinding time :15 -20 mins
Yields : 15 Dosa's or 8-9 adai

To Grind
Pulses mix -1/4 cup
Millets mix – 1/4 cup
Channa Dhal – 1/4 cup
Red Rice – 1/4 cup
Black Rice – 1/4 cup
Red Chili – 8 to 10
Curry Leaves – Few
Water – as needed
1 tsp = 5ml
1 tblsp – 15 ml
1 cup = 250 ml

    1.       Soak the ingredients in the “To Grind” table for 6 – 8 hrs.

    2.       Grind them to an adai or dosa consistency based on your preference. The batter is ready to be used immediately. If you want to make partially as adai take the required batter in between and continue to grind for dosa.

    3.       Chop the ingredients listed under “To Sprinkle” table finely.
    4.       Take a non-stick pan and heat it. Pour the batter in the pan and garnish with onion, ginger and chili. Flip on both the sides.

    Adai or Dosa of your choice is ready !!! Serve it with chutney if it is for a dosa or with butter or jaggery if it is for an adai.


    •   If you are not using black rice or red rice substitute with idli rice but make sure it is only 1 proportion if you need it as an adai.
    •   You may ignore chili or add more.

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