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Ora Marundu | After bath medicine for babies

Back after a break and time to get back to blogging. “Ora Marundu” is an age old herbal medicine practiced in Tamilnadu for general wellbeing of babies. It is orally administered for babies starting from 60 days till 3 years or more. I have listed out the benefits, translations and steps to prepare “Ora Marundu” in this post along with a video.
Ora Marundu | After bath medicine for babies

All the ingredients were purchased in “Dabba Chetty Shop”, Mylapore Chennai. I could not capture the one-time preparation of this medicine and hoping to do it whenever I get an opportunity.
This medicine can be consumed every alternative days or during oil bath days.

Benefits (For Babies)
Manjal  - Antiseptic
Vasambu – Immunity & Stomach ailments
Jathikkai – Good sleep
Kadukkai – Free bowel movement
Chitharathai – Prevents from common cold/cough
Masikai /maasikaai - Prevents the tongue from getting white.
Sukku - resistance to disease from bacteria
Parangi Pattai - Good for skin and helps in appetite

Botanical Name
Curcuma longa
Sweet Flag
Acorus Calamus
Myristica fragrans

terminalia chebula
Lesser Galangal
Alpinia Officinarum
Masikai /maasikaai
 Nut gall / Gallnut
Terminalia chebula Retz
Dry Ginger
Zingiber officinale
Parangi Pattai
China Root, Chinese Smilax
Smilax China
Ora Kal
Grinding stone

Recipe: Ora Marundu
One time Preparation duration :  Optional Step
Preparation duration :  3 days
Cooking duration: 20 minutes
Gas : Low Flame
Yields : more than 5 years
Daily Preparation duration
Preparation duration :  10 minutes
Drying of ingredients : 3 hours (depending on climatic conditions)

Ingredients (Refer Video)
Tumeric - 1
Vasambu – 1
Jathikkai - 1
Kadukkai – 1
Chitharathai - 1
Maasikkai - 1
Sukku (Dry ginger) - 1
Parangi Pattai - 1
One time preparation
Milk – just soak enough to boil
Water – just soak enough to boil
Milk to water proportion – 1 : 3
Daily preparation
Grinding stone – 1
Water – 20 ml (or dilute if needed)

One time Preparation (Not in video)
1.         Take a pressure cooker and add all ingredients (Tumeric,Vasambu,Jathikkai,Kadukkai,Chitharathai ,Maasikkai,Sukku (Dry ginger) ,Parangi Pattai).
2.       Add milk & water just enough to cover the ingredients. Milk to water proportion is 1:3
3.       Pressure cook for 1 whistle.
4.       Once the pressure is released, discard the liquid and take out the ingredients.
5.       Take a plain muslin cloth and dry the ingredients in shade. It would take a minimum on 3 days on a sunny day. The duration depends on the climate.
You should not be able to feel any moisture in these ingredients.
Some of them would dry up faster as the size of each of them changes.
6.       Store them in an airtight container
Daily Preparation (Refer Video)
7.         Clean the grinding stone before starting the process. Do not use any soap, just plain water is enough.
8.       Keep the water ready in the palaada or any cup which is used for feeding baby.
9.       Take each ingredient one by one and dip it in the water kept in paalada. Stroke for 20 times or as needed to form the paste. Once done, dip it back in the same water. Refer to my complete video for the step.
10.   Repeat the above step for all ingredients.
11.   Place the ingredients (in a muslin cloth again) under the shade for drying. This would take roughly 3hours or earlier.
12.   Clean the grinding stone with plain water and place it under the shade.
13.   Once the ingredients are dried, place it in an airtight container.

1.       For the one-time preparation, instead of pressure cooker, we can boil them in the stove directly for 20 minutes.
2.       We used store-bought milk for one-time preparation
3.       For the daily preparation, water can be replaced with breast milk.
4.       For daily preparation, the number of strokes given in the video is an approximate amount.
5.       For daily preparation, adjust the number of strokes based on the baby needs. Eg: If there is cold, increase the number of strokes of chitharathai.  For constipation, increase the number of strokes of Kadukkai.
6.       You may ignore some of the ingredients, if you feel it is not needed. The ingredients mentioned are based on my personal experience and it is not compulsory to follow.


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